Western Riders: Rein-Aid® Products Work for You Too!

Rein-Aid® Inserts buckle to your bit and your regular reins attach to the rings on the Inserts. Recommended for use with a bit suitable for starting horses when teaching them to break at the poll and give to the bit. Heavy handed riders on finished horses may use them with any style bit to soften the effects of their hands and improve their horses level of comfort.

Although Rein-Aid® was originally created for English riders, Western riders are quickly jumping aboard our customer list. Trainers have found the Rein-Aid® Inserts much easier to use than the crude inner tubes commonly used for breaking colts and teaching them to give to the bit. The durable and heavy duty elastic is backed by leather and allows the horse to remain relaxed and find his comfort zone without the rider loosing the ability to take and release at the perfect moment. Rein-Aid® is recommended for all young horses to assist in educating them to break at the poll. A finished horse will no longer need the Rein-Aid® unless they are ridden by inexperienced or heavy handed riders in which case Rein-Aid® will prevent the horse from becoming tense or grumpy.

For riders involved in intense sports such as Barrel Racing or Roping, the elastic prevents abuse on the horse’s mouth. Because the elastic is backed by leather, the stretch is limited to ensure normal control and to provide consequences for horses that don’t respond to the initial cue. The horse is guaranteed a softer connection and responds faster to the elastic feel than without, as they don’t waste time resisting the bit.

Due to customer demand we have built the Rein-Aid® into a leather 5 plait braided rein for use in competition. Customers now have the choice of ordering the Rein-Aid® Insert or the full Elasto-Rein®.

“I know I’m hard on my horses’ mouths during a run, which is why I use Elasto-Rein®. Both my guys are much happier and our times are faster. Sure is great to be able to help them like this!”

Sharon Bosse
NBHA KS09 Director



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