What our customers are saying about Rein-Aid® products..

"I got them yesterday. Tried them last night. They are wonderful! Thanks for the quick mailing and for inventing them. It will be a lifesaver for the rider and her horse. The horse was calm throughout the lesson, and after testing them for the first 5 minutes, almost went on the bit by himself.

A happy horse and rider--what more could I ask for."

-Diana Graves, Moonraker Boarding Stable

"My horse is a totally new jumper since using the Elasto-Rein®. She is much quieter and softer to the jump. We have a whole new level of confidence together."

-Pam Swift, Hunter/Jumper

Carol Rivoire
Beaver Dam Farm Fjords II

Nova Scotia Beginner Driving Vacations
Antigonish, Nova Scotia

"At Beaver Dam Farm, we run a 4-day course called Nova Scotia Beginner Driving Vacations. While most of our guests are riders of various levels, very few have experience in driving. Our program has students driving cross country the first day, doing a dressage test on Day 2, driving a cones course on Day 3, and putting it all together in a Mini CDE on Day 4. This goes very well, except we worry about the beginners being too hard on the horses' mouths.

Driving horses must be driven with contact. A loose rein is exceedingly dangerous. However, a tight, non-elastic rein is also dangerous as it annoys the horse and might cause him to backup and jacknife the carriage. Therein lies the problem teaching beginners. Therefore, when we heard about Rein-Aid®s, we thought they might be the answer to our concerns, and so decided to try them in our 2002 season. -- They work just as we'd hoped, and are ideal for this situation. Our well-trained and sensitive Fjordhorses are much happier in their work now that we're using Rein-Aid®s"



“I know I’m hard on my horses’ mouths during a run, which is why I use Elasto-Rein®. Both my guys are much happier and our times are faster. Sure is great to be able to help them like this!”

Sharon Bosse
NBHA KS09 Director

"Hi! I just wanted to let you know that while you seem to be marketing your products to the dressage and jumping crowd, equestrians of all disciplines could benefit from them.

I just bought the Rein-Aid inserts for riding my standard donkey, Bailey. They completely eliminate what I call the CLUNK. You know, when a rabbit jumps out of the bush right next to you, and both your animal and you startle, and the bit goes CLUNK in the poor thing's mouth... Or when you're trotting and your mount stumbles a little and its head bobs down quicker than your hands can react and its mouth goes CLUNK against the bit...

Even teaching Bailey to stand politely is going better with the Rein Aids. I can have a loose rein when she stands, and if I correct her for walking it is now a "spongy" correction instead of a punishing CLUNK. Punishment has its place, but I don't want to punish her with the bit!

Also, I feel more confident and in control when we have to ride by Scary Things on the trail... I can now keep a little tension on the reins to keep Bailey headed the right direction, but without making her tense up like she used to if I "took hold" of her mouth. And if the Scary Thing moves and Bailey startles - no CLUNK and a happier Bailey!

Thank you very much! And thank you for the extremely fast delivery - I faxed in my order mid-morning Tuesday and the package was waiting for me when I came home from work Wednesday. Impressive!"
Sharon & Bailey, California

"I showed up today for my first dressage lesson with Bruce Graham at Summit Dressage in Rhode Island, with a set of the Elasto-Reins® in use. He was pleased to see that I had discovered them and that I decided to use them for the benefit of my horse -- not wishing him to suffer the consequences of my undeveloped seat.
He suggested I email you to share with you that I have also been using the Rein-Aid® inserts on my ground driving lines, longe lines, and my carriage driving reins.  My 20 y.o. horse as well as my two younger 2 y.o.'s are the benefactors of your ingenious inventions.

Thank you from us all, and good luck in your future endeavors."
Marcia Cannizzo, Rhode Island

"My horse usually grinds his teeth when I take a contact. When I put on Rein-Aid® inserts it gradually went away. Now I can show even without the Rein-Aid® and he does not grind at all. Of course I still train with them as I want him to trust my hands."
Ed Hauswald, Washington D.C

"The first time I tried Rein-Aid I noticed a immediate difference. My instructor liked them, I liked them, and, most importantly, "Lindee" liked them. She is very sensitive and has a tendancy to quicken at the trot and throw her head out. With the Rein-Aid product she was much softer and round and didn't quicken. We had a much more enjoyable and productive lesson. I was even able to do some shoulder in moves for the first time. I just wish I had discovered them sooner for competitions

As a paralympic contender, I must ride a "borrowed" horse at qualifying horse shows and am given just three days of limited schooling time prior to each of these competitions. Being paralized from the waist down from polio, I use a hand-hold strap to help with my balance at the trot. This restricts my hands quite a bit to be soft, for bending and allowing the horse to have his/her head. Depending on the horse, this has definitely been an issue and a disadvantage for showing in the dressage arena resulting in low dressage scores at times.

My hope is that now I can be more consistant and competitive in future dressage competitions."
Diane Kirlin Murphy

"My horse ‘Bob’ was stiff and would set against my hand, after using Rein-Aid® a few times he softened and I was able to get him to stay ‘on the bit’ and supple. We now have a whole new relationship, I’m thrilled!"
Carol Holden, Hunter/Jumper and Foxhunter

"I just want to say - I originally had the Rein-aid inserts, and through all my barn changes I lost them. Through the years without having the rein-aids my hands have   gotten better but  my horse is still not as round and happy. I have a tendency to have contact then let the reins slack and then take contact and just back and forth.  My horse is a 22 year old Hanoverian 16.3 retired Grand Prix Show jumper and had competed to 3rd level dressage with Robert Dover back in his younger years. I've had him since he was 16 and other people could ride him and make him look so nice and round and I get on and he would be round for a few steps and then his head would fly up and he would just go around inverted.

Well I just got my rein aids in the mail and used them the other night. I put the rein aid inserts on and as soon as we did our warm up walk and I asked for the trot my old man just hung his head low and went around like he was in heaven. I now know that I can have a "firm handshake" grip and he still gets relief.  Last night I rode him again and I have never seen him canter in self-carriage because I always lock my arms and don't follow so he gets stronger and then he starts to hang and pull - well he went around as light as could be.  

Tonight I will be jumping him so I will have to let you know how that goes.  He still thinks he's jumping Grand Prix so he jumps big and round regardless, but I have to literally give him his head 3 strides out back up with leg and grab mane so he jumps more comfortable because he'll jump from any spot and I have been catching him in the mouth so he jumps a bit inverted sometimes.

I'm 44 years old and will never have deep heels and that perfect release and good hands so I need help wherever I can, but I will definitely be purchasing the rein-aid reins before I start showing next month.

I will keep you posted as to how the jumping goes."

"I had my lesson with my trainer on Saturday and it was awesome due to the rein aid inserts.  Before your product I had gotten better at releasing a bit, but the ride to the jump was still a tugging match and then he just pulls and hangs because I don't follow.  Also it was very difficult to rate him in a line because again I don't have that elastic feel so my half halts were more of a hold and then he'd get strong and then I'd get stronger and then I would just have to much horse going down the line (he still thinks he's doing grand prix).  Well Saturdays lesson was just great.  Going to the jump he was as lovely as could be and cantering away he was alot softer because I couldn't hang on his mouth with the inserts.  I did catch him in the mouth once, but he played a bit after the jump, but relaxed as soon as he knew I couldn't have a death grip on him.  Everyone commented on how beautifully my horse moves to the jump and after the jump (which they never did before the inserts).  They were saying how beautiful his canter looks and how comfortable it looks and what a big stride he has.  They never noticed these things before I got the inserts and I know it's because now he is more relaxed because I have a much kinder hand since the inserts (now I just need to stop nagging him with my leg - one thing at a time I guess).  I actually started releasing over the jumps instead of grabbing mane all the time because now I know I can't really hurt him and he knows it as well - so we both have become very confident.  My trainer was thrilled with my releasing and my position and that all adds up when your horse trusts you because he now knows he's not going to get banged in the mouth. The big part of the day is when my trainer asked me to do a line and I was a nervous reck and asked her could I trot in and canter out (mind you these were set at little crossrails, but again my horse becomes very strong over anything because he thinks that he is still doing grand prix or maybe it's because mommy has busy restricting hands.  Well the trainer said no and I was like I can't rate him well.  Well I cantered he was strong I half halted 3 times and got the correct stride in 5.  She made me come back and do it again and again half halted 3 times and got the correct stride in 5.  If it was higher it would have been a 4 stride for him since he has such a large stride.  My trainer was smiling from ear to ear and said "don't ever tell me that this horse can't be rated in a line", but the only reason he could be rated was because of your product.  If I didn't have the inserts on he would have ran right through my hand and got stronger and would have chipped in or just went from the gap I would have got left and he would have taken off like a bucking bronc because I would have caught him in the the mouth - so your product is great.  I so look forward to riding now because he seems more relaxed and I actually feel like I'm accomplishing something.  I'll have to send you a photo of Disney and I when we do our first show next month.  God willing if it is not to cold.  I'll be ordering the reins soon. "

Linda Roberts, New Jersey

"Since I began riding eight years ago, I have been struggling with getting the contact right. Either I gave it away completely or didn't give enough. With Rein-Aid® I FINALLY am getting the hang of it. It's very exciting. In my first dressage show on my young horse I got marks in the 70's."
Melinda Neese

"After 3 years of holding my horse up and having aching shoulders I decided to try Rein-Aid®! What a difference, after only 2 months, my horse is no longer leaning on me and my arms don’t ache. I’m riding better and my horse is now fun to ride!"
Amy Bancroft, First Level Dressage Rider

Turning "Silver" into Gold !

This is a photo of Silver, our 19 year old appendix quarter-horse gelding. Originally purchased for a young girl (who's father subsequently rejected him because of his age), he remained in our hands and began work on the lesson string. Not only has he earned his keep, but he qualifies as the most popular and safest horse anyone could ask for.

If there was a" School Horse Hall of Fame", this guy would be in it! His patience with new riders is unsurpassed...so much so, that we became concerned about all the accidental pulling and tugging on his mouth. When your product showed up in an issue of "Practical Horseman", we realized that it had to be the answer.

Silver has worn the Rein-Aid® since the day it arrived here...we (and he) thank you for developing such a great product !

-Tim Tomkinson & Susan Gorden.

Photo courtesy of Al Motoyama, whose grand-daughter, Bailey, rides Silver in her lessons.

Silver...a 19 year old appendix quarter horse gelding

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