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"I'm Don Andrews and I train Fjordhorses to drive for Beaver Dam Farm in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. This Spring, Carol mentioned the Rein-Aids. I never heard tell of this product before, so thought I would try it. I really love the product, and now wouldn't drive young horses without the Rein-Aids attached. They help give me a nice soft feeling on the reins, and helps get the horses on the bit much easier. I like how I can go from a trot down to a walk much smoother. They allow me to settle a horse down much quicker, and work good on the half halts. They would be great for people who have heavy hands, and I highly recommend them for beginner drivers. I really love them. Don Andrews, Driving Trainer at Beaver Dam Farm Fjords, Nova Scotia

"I found them to be both horse and rider friendly and not a gimmick at all, but a great tool to improve a riders understanding of the contact. They were used on snaffle bridles as well as one horse with a side pull hackamore and on a variety of breeds with varying temperments. The overall result was everyone wanted a pair to improve their equitation and to support their horses comfort during those times when you say "sorry" for an unintentional rude rein aid." Bruce Graham, Instructor,

"I highly recommend the use of Rein-Aid® to all beginner and intermediate riders. It softens the contact from rein to mouth and teaches the rider softer feelings. Over my career of over 40 years with Arabian and Anglo Arabians, in the field of Dressage and Hunter/Jumper, I have tested and tried many devices to assist horse and/or rider to become one. The Rein-Aid® is one of the best inventions in the last 25 years to come on the market. It is kind to horses and riders. At our breeding/training facility we use it on most young horses and on some spoiled "pullers" as well as many of our students and apprentices are using it. Thank you for making this advice available." J.Leslie Wagschal, Breeder / Trainer, Shalom Farm Arabians Inc

"This may be new but it's definitely a legitimate product. I've seen amateurs performance improve significantly with Rein-Aid®."-Marcia Kulak, New York ( Marcia Kulak is an allround horsewoman who competes and coaches eventers, jumpers and hunters, she was short-listed for 1992 Olympic 3-day team and in 1999 she won Cosequin Winter Equestrian Festival pre-green circuit championship,her multiple students excell at A-rated shows)

The comments provided here by Professionals have NOT been obtained through payment. They were provided because the Professional uses & believes in the benefits of the Rein-Aid® products.

"Not only do I love Rein-Aid® for all my students but I ride all my horses with it. They go really sweetly with Rein-Aid®"- Stephen Bradley, Virginia (Stephen has represented the United States in the Barcelona Olympic Games and has won many international 3-day events,he now trains horses and riders to the highest level at Elysian Hills Equestrian Center.)

"It's so nice to have a system to assist the connection between horse and rider ,I HATE artificial gadgets but Rein-Aid® is different because it doesn't change the headset ,it just improves the contact between the hand and the horses mouth. Horses love them !"-Cathy Whitehouse, Virginia (Cathy has a huge following of dedicated students and with over 30 years coaching dressage she believes the learning never stops.)

"After using Rein-Aid® at various clinics that I teach, I've found it really explains the feel of an elastic contact. I also see horses improve as it allows a sympathetic connection that they wouldn't otherwise experience. I LOVE IT !" - Karen O'Conner, 7 times leading USCTA Lady Rider of the year, Olympic silver Medalist and winner of numerous international three-day events including the Rolex CCI****

"We like to jump our horses on a loose rein, but some of the horses like to quicken in the last three strides. I tried Rein-Aid® and am very impressed, I can keep my hands quiet in the approach and the elastic keeps the horses soft and they don't grab at me. I use it on all my horses that are a little "hot" and now they sell faster because our rounds are smoother and the horses easier to ride.Thanks Rein-Aid®!" - Helen Richards, Professional trainer and horse dealer, VA

"Rein-Aid® really helps the rider establish a vital basic necessary for all levels of performance...correct contact. I recommend it to all trainers and riders who like their horses relaxed, supple, and connected." - Hilda Gurney, Olympic Medalist and dressage coach.

"I believe trust is important for all horse and rider combinations. I’ve found Elasto-Rein® increases the horses trust in the rider and improves the consistency of their performance" - David O’Connor, Olympic Gold Medalist.

" I recently tried Rein-Aid® on my Intermediate Level event horse. He became more willing than usual to seek contact and keep it there. Rein-Aid is helping me keep my hands independent. I also use the Elasto-Rein® on a new horse sent to me for re-training. He is very worried about taking contact and jumps away from the leg. When I used the Elasto-Rein®s on him, he really softened his attitude, and, took a confident hold on both reins. When he lands over a jump he is normally very defensive ( his former rider had very heavy, abrupt hands). After several jumps using the Elasto-Rein®, he began to land softer and calmer. These reins will really help me to re-train him." -Jennifer Joyce, International Level 3-day Eventer.

"Rein-Aid® is phenomenal, I have them on all my lesson horses! I have adults who pull, kids who pull, and Rein-Aid® is seriously helping everybody!" -Meagan Quitko, Hunter/Jumper Trainer

"I think the Rein-Aid® and the Elasto-Rein® are wonderful, several of my students have improved dramatically with their use. They really increase the consistency of the connection and encourage horses to stay round and through." -Jim Graham, International Level competitor & coach.

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