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Rein-Aid® Draw Reins $49.95

Our Rein-Aid® Draw Reins contain elastic and softly explain to the horse where to carry his head. The ‘give’ keeps the horse supple and prevents the horse from feeling trapped. The softer effect of Rein-Aid® Draw Reins also encourage the horse to remain round in his back and reach towards the contact without coming behind the bit. Suitable for schooling on the flat or over fences in place of traditional draw reins when that little extra help is needed.

These innovative Rein-Aid® Draw Reins are for use by experienced riders only. Do not use constantly or in place of direct reins. Although the elastic softens the force of these draw reins, care should be taken not to exert too much pressure on the horse’s mouth as this could cause the horse to flip backwards or fall over.

77" long, Rein-Aid® Draw Reins snap to the center ring of your breastplate then run through the snaffle bit rings back to the rider’s hands. The elastic is backed by leather and placed close to the breastplate snaps ensuring no interference with the way the draw reins slide through the bit rings.

Made in the U.S.A with English bridle leather and durable quality snaps.

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