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Elasto-ReinŽ $99.95

Elasto-ReinŽ has all the advantages of Rein-AidŽ inserts built into a traditional rein. The elastic is sewn into the rein and the rein loops to allow the elastic to stretch. As with the Rein-AidŽ inserts, control is not compromised as the loop of rein limits the stretch of elastic. Elastic color matches the leather for a discreet, effective rein with a classical appearance. Rein-AidŽ Productions, the makers of Rein-AidŽ inserts, has introduced Elasto-ReinŽ in response to customer demand. This is a whole rein available in many styles, with the elastic control loop (as seen in the Rein-AidŽ inserts) built discreetly into the rein.

Elasto-ReinŽ is used by trainers to educate young or difficult horses to accept the bit, ad to teach riders the "feel" of a soft elastic contact with the horses mouth. Made in the USA and show quality, Elasto-ReinŽ has the correct amount of stretch which allows the horse to respond to the bit softly and without resistance. Leather backing alongside the elastic limits stretch and facilitates Half-Halts for safety and control.

Elasto-ReinŽ is a compassionate aid that improves the quality of contact necessary for competitive performances in a variety of disciplines. They are legal for USAE/USDF Dressage, Showhunters, Jumpers and Eventing. Elasto-ReinŽ is also commonly used to improve the horses comfort during Endurance/Trail rides, Barrel racing, Roping and Foxhunting.

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